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Destination: Jonas

The 2008 Tour as told by the fans.

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The Jonas Summer Tour- Through the eyes of the fans.
Our goal is simple:
Create the first ever Jonas Fan Documentary.
But we need your help to make this a reality.


The Fan Revolution: Summer 2008
Everyone knows the story of the Jonas Brothers.
Everyone has seen them grow from Disney to mainstream.
You've seen their Fan Clubs and Street Teams.

Now it's time to bring it back to where it all began.
Throw back to the days of homemade t-shirts and concerts in high school gyms.

What started out as an idea has formed itself into a movement unlike any other.

Starting Summer 2008, all across the United States, members of the Destination: Jonas Team will set out to discover the story behind the movement.
After all, Kevin, Joe, and Nick aren't the ones taking money out of their own pockets.
The "Burning Up" tour will begin the journey inside the minds eye of the fans, each with their own individual story.

Through YouTube, Myspace, Livejournal, The Jonas Brothers Fans Forum, and eventually an official website complete with insider information on all things Jonas, we invite each and every fan of the Jonas Brothers to let us know who you are.
Members of the team will be at multiple shows all across the country this summer [and beyond], in hopes of meeting you.
The bigger they become, the more important you become.
At the end of production, the Team will bind their footage together to make the first EVER fan-based documentary.

This is a revolution.
This is the story of how the Jonas Brothers became who they are today.
This is the story of the fans.
This is your story.

And this is only the beginning.
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